Use iTerm2 to telnet SMTH bbs

When you try BBS in macOS, it sucks! Someone uses welly, but I always use iTerm2 to ssh servers. Today I’ll show you how to telnet SMTH BBS with iTerm2.


Upgrade to 10.13.1, telnet disapeared, try execute
brew install telnet
Install telnet to /usr/local/bin


Open Preferences->Profiles

in General

  • Click +, add a new Profile, clone Default’s config
  • Change Name, such as SMTH
  • Add a Shortcut key, such as ^⌘S
  • Add Command, as /usr/local/bin/telnet

in Text

  • Check Treat ambiguous-width characters as double-width
  • Click Change Font to set right size, don’t change font
  • Character Spacing, set Horizontal as 90%, Vertical as 80%

in Terminal

  • Character Encoding choose Chinese(GBK)

in Session

  • Check When idle, send ASCII code

in Keys

  • Click +, Shortcut: Home (fn + arrow right), Action: Send Escape Sequence, [1~
  • Click +, Shortcut: End (fn + arrow left), Action: Send Escape Sequence, [4~
Done, happy your SMTH life!
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