Right Way to Open GitHub

Today, I use GitHub for almost one month. The more you use, the more you get, just one word: Cool! Nice can’t be hidden, just share it! Even using too short to know more, we can share it with going.


Git is Linus‘s spare time works. 2005, when free version of BitKeeper, a commercial version control tool, timeout,how could Linux team pay for it? So Linus coded one, Git, brought version control tool directly to modernization.

Git is very high, normally is hard to learn, just like me, always use Git as SVN. But it’s the right time, the power of community broke out, 2008, Ruby men talked about it in Bar, and GitHub was born.


General users, just like me, better use GitHub Desktop. Command line is cool, but it’s too heavy to life.


Look Hexo multi-language with Minos, GitHub gives you free static space to build blog or documents.
Now you can use your custom domain with https, 👍
Conscience business!


This project moves on fast, and the version I saw earlier has evolved again.
You can put e-books inside and write your own api documents.

Sub Module

If your project uses someone’s project, then you can build a pointer
git submodule add your_submodule_url
If you clone to local
git clone your_project_url --recursive
If you update
git submodule update

Private Repository

New year, good news.
GitHub under Microsoft free the private repository to all personal users.

Follow, Watch, Star, Fork

Follow: like someone, follow his, catch every move
Watch: like something, subscrible it, listen any change
Star: praise something, encourage it, but not listen it
Fork: clone Dolly, modify, and pull request

Migrate LDAP server Use iTerm2 to telnet SMTH bbs


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